The Lynwood Shopping Center
The Lynwood Shopping Center has been serving the Magic Valley since 1957. It is located in the center of it all on the corner of Blue Lakes Blvd. and Filer Ave. IN Twin Falls, Idaho. Retail  and office space available for leasing ranging from 402 sq. ft. 4492 sq. ft The Lynwood Shopping Center offers plenty of parking, high visibility for its leasers, electronic marquee sign that over 40,000 cars pass each day. Has established retail business that have been in their locations for years. Come see that the Lynwood Shopping Center can offer you weather you are looking for office space, retail space or to shop.... The Lynwood Shopping Center is the "Center of it All"! 
There are many choices for shopping in Twin Falls. We want to be everyone first choice! A quality shopping experience at locally owned stores. We strive to be a community leader and generate more business, satisfy customers and set more trends. We want our customers to think  Lywnood when they are shopping.
Perfect Place to Shop
Perfect Place to Shop
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Established in 1957
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Back in the good Old Days!
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